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Do you want your finished music to stand out from your competition?

You're in the right place...

Mixing and mastering engineers often keep their knowledge to themselves. After all, they've spent years learning from seasoned professionals who passed down their wisdom.

As an engineer who has spent over 25 years building my knowledge base, I understand this. However, I believe in teaching the next generation everything I've learned, as it's hard to gain this knowledge from professionals anymore. Consider Streaky+ as the studio recreation room where we can gather and share our knowledge, enhancing our skills together.

We all have unique insights. When modern insights blend with traditional methods, new styles are created. Streaky+ serves as the melting pot for this fusion to happen.

The big mistake people make is thinking that by using a certain plugin it will make their music sound amazing.

Yes, it's important to have decent-sounding plugins, but the standard ones supplied by all DAWs work perfectly. It's not about what you use, but how you use it.

Through the lessons and weekly uploads, you'll learn the right way to engineer with our processes and systems. There's no need to keep searching for the latest gimmicky trick.

All the videos include techniques currently used in the mixes you hear every day. No guessing, just the right stuff.

Our courses and content have transformed the mixing and mastering of 5000+ students in the past 5 years.

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Streaky+ Review - Stuart Wakefield.png__PID:4dc95d74-8c56-4e06-b59c-7b99144db999

"In 6 months we've grown almost 950,000 followers."

Before joining Streaky+ YouTuber Chase Eatmon "Gunther the Great" was posting around 30 pieces of content per month.

After 6 months he was posting a minimum of 168 pieces of content per month and has grown his follower count on YouTube to 950,000 followers.

And now he's able to spend more time doing what he loves.

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Develop Skillset

Refine techniques, master new tools

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Grow Confidence

The belief to empower your sound

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Eliminate Guesswork

Precision in every mix or master

Hi, I'm Streaky.

Professional Sound Engineer since ‘95.

I've worked at some of the biggest studios in Europe, including Metropolis Studios, with clients including Ed Sheeran, Adele, Jonas Blue, Krept & Konan, Depeche Mode, Paul Weller, Skepta, Naughty Boy, and many more.

I began sharing my knowledge on YouTube in 2010. My straightforward approach and deep understanding of how a finished track can sound in any genre led to my success on social media.


In 2018, I started transforming this knowledge into easy-to-follow courses. Over 5000 people have taken these courses and have been amazed at the results they can now achieve.

I continue to work daily at my studio to maintain my skills. Recently, I've enjoyed engaging directly with other engineers in group coaching sessions.

This is the inspiration behind Streaky+. It was born out of my desire to consistently interact with others in similar studio environments.

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A constantly expanding knowledge hub on mixing and mastering. Membership will give you access to all the tips and tricks used by today's industry professionals.

What You Get

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Exclusive Lessons

Learn new skills from working pro engineers

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Track Feedback

Get personal feedback each month on your music

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Templates & Presets Downloads

Download templates and presets created by Streaky

Streaky+ Member Bonus

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Discounts & Offers

Get up to 80% off discount at Streaky.com & other pro audio partners

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Private Community

Network, collaborate and chat with likeminded audio geeks just like yourself

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Streaky+ Giveaways

Automatically entered into monthly giveaways of from Streaky+ partners

How It Works

You will receive an email invitation to join Streaky+. This will grant you access to my exclusive videos and community platform. There is plenty of material to explore, with new content added each week!

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Get Personalised Track Feedback From Me

Ask me any question inside the community and I'll provide detailed responses. I’ll also give you feedback on your tracks and suggestions on what you can try to improve it.

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"These days, we are mostly sitting on our own… Being a part of Streaky+ gives me a space to have some laughs, geek out and learn new skills!”

Jack White - Member of Streaky Toolkit

You could waste YEARS trying to teach yourself. Or you can..

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